In-person Program

Given the status of Essential Program, Kinderhaus is open for families in need and with special precautions, including:

  • social distancing of families at home and between parents and teachers during drop-off and pick-up
  • special equipment for teachers and facilities, including gloves, hand sanitizers, and face masks
  • diligent cleaning of the classroom and regular disinfection of frequently touched surfaces
  • regular health checks throughout the day and exclusion of children with symptoms
  • regular and proper hand washing of staff, children, and parents
  • extended time outdoors
  • removal of carpets and stuffed animals, reducing pillows and soft materials
  • daily washing of toys that were used that day, minimizing what children can bring from home.

Families may take advantage of our program if they

  • have (mainly) stayed at home and followed the recommendation of social distancing
  • are free of any symptoms (cough, sneeze, fever, respiratory problems)