Family Document Package

State regulations dictate that prior to enrollment in any of our DaySchool, AfterSchool, MiniCamp or SummerCamp programs, the school needs to receive and process, in advance, the completed Family Document package.

The Family Document Package includes:

  1. A Signed copy of the Parent Handbook 2024/25: to be signed by parents annually
  2. An Original copy of your child’s recent Medical Record: valid from one year of its date and to be renewed by your child’s physician annually        
  3. Child’s Documents: to be completed by the parent once on initial enrollment  
  4. A signed copy of the Medical Treatment Consent Form.

Please submit the Family Document Package as follows:

  1.  the originals (mailed or hand delivered in a large envelope without folding) and 
  2.  a scanned version emailed to [email protected]
  3. Please understand the high administration costs to collect these documents.  Any family documents arriving beyond the requested deadline will incur a $50 fee each time it needs to be requested.